Skills for Care and Development is a partnership of 4 organisations. The focus of our partnership is to work together to develop UK wide learning and development solutions for the 1.9 million people working in care and support for children and young people, adults and older people

We want to ensure that in all service areas, including Social Work, Social Care and Early Years, that  individuals are properly skilled and supported. Our strategy is to work with employers to deliver a workforce that is skilled, innovative and sustainable.

Combining knowledge, experience and best practice from across the UK and Europe supports ongoing improvement of the sector in each country.

Our collective working provides rich information which has been pooled to inform identification of shared areas for improvement for all partners. This approach enabled us to secure an additional £2.5m investment for our sector in the last 2 years.

This investment has enabled us to:

  • Take action to tackle the challenge of recruitment and increase workforce capacity by recruiting 1000 career ambassadors and setting up an online aptitude test to attract and support individuals with the appropriate values. See Recruiting a Worldclass Workforce for further information.

  • Develop an online comparison website with a range of training and learning opportunities with review ratings from other employers based on outcomes for families, individuals and carers. See Learn from Learning for further information.

  • Develop innovative mobile knowledge and learning solutions which are accessed by workers across the sector. See Mobile Knowledge and Learning Solutions for further information.

  • Develop a Technology to Care strategy and knowledge and skills sets for electronic Assistive Technology to support skills improvement in an increasingly important field of work. See  Assistive Technology for further information.