Every employer in the care sector knows the importance of recruiting the right people to fill vacancies in their teams, and the high cost - in both human and financial terms - when that doesn't happen.

The Recruiting a Worldclass Workforce project sought to make 'right first time' appointments more likely for employers through its two significant initiatives: the online challenge A Question of Care: a Career for You and through Ambassadors services.

Both these strands of work have now been fully launched and are set to become established mechanisms for raising understanding and appreciation of work in the sector.

The Ambassador service is a network of well over 1,000 workers across the UK! These are people who are committed to sharing their passion for their own role in care work with job seekers, school leavers and careers advisors in various settings. Their positive impact on perceptions of the sector is recognised as a huge asset both by employers and by those who organise careers fairs, employment events and vocational awareness sessions.

The current size of the Ambassador network, representing all parts of the social care and early years sector in all parts of the UK, is an impressive testimony to the way employers now own and drive this important service, which puts it on a strong footing for the future.

A Question of Care: a Career for You? presents a series of videos showing day to day work in different parts of the sector, and enquirers can receive a personal profile of their suitability for care work by answering questions arising from the video scenarios.

Employers have been quick to see the value of this personal profile, and its potential to play a direct part in their selection processes. Short guidance leaflets on how to make the most of A Question of Care in recruitment have been produced and can be downloaded from A Question of Care

The main video challenge on the site is now supplemented with a new page where enquirers can 'meet the people' in short video clips where care workers in different roles talk about their work , what it involves and what they love about it. These clips will be regularly updated in future to ensure there is always a fresh feel to the page.