Assistive Technology (AT) is a growing and important part of supporting people to stay independent and well in their own home, and the workforce needs to develop new skills and knowledge for new tasks, with potential new roles and new styles of service delivery to ensure that assistive technology is used effectively.

The completion of the Electronic Assistive Technology (eAT) project saw a final few weeks of intense activity and a major UK wide programme of launch events.

A significant part of this was the launch of the website Technology to Care to serve as the long term home for the project's Workforce Learning Strategy, Knowledge and Skills Sets and Implementation Plan - and for a whole series of additional resources to inspire social care employers to invest in building the capacity of their staff to embed eAT as an integral part of care provision.

The extra resources include video case studies along with an introduction to the work of the project and its key documents. There is also a downloadable practical toolkit for employers, eAT suppliers and other learning providers to use when they work with the Knowledge and Skills Sets. Visit the site to find out more!