Who are Ambassadors for Careers with children, young people and in social care?

  • Ambassadors are people who have first-hand experience of working in the sector, through a formal or informal work role.
  • They are people who are passionate about what they do and want others to understand its value and the rewards it brings
  • They are people who are happy to share their own career story and learning path with those not yet working in the sector.
  • They are people who are prepared to keep their own knowledge and skills up to date (with support)
  • They are people who can motivate and inspire others
  • They are people who themselves convey professionalism and a positive image of the sector.
  • They are people who commit to an Ambassador service as a way of supporting others to consider working with children, young people and in social care as a positive career choice.

What do Ambassadors for Careers working with children, young people and in social care actually do?

Ambassadors for careers with children, young people and in social care go out into situations where people are seeking advice and guidance about careers - schools and colleges, job centres, careers conventions and so on.

An Ambassador may give a presentation to job-seekers, talk to a small group of young people, lead an interactive game or activity, facilitate a discussion around a scenario - it depends on the particular Ambassador and the particular event. Resources are available to support Ambassadors

How does the service work?

Ambassadors are enrolled into the service through their employer/agency, who commits to support their involvement. All enquiries will be channeled through the employer/agency, so that they remain in control of the service at all times. CYP Ambassador Host Contact Details

What are the benefits for the employer/agency?

To have one or more Ambassadors in the workforce is to ensure a specific employer or role has a high profile in the local job market. The positive image of the Ambassador work often has a good impact on the employer's own recruitment as well as for the sector as a whole, since they create a direct and personal link into the future workforce.

Ambassador work also raises an employer's profile amongst future customers and helps to build a positive reputation in the local community overall.

Wherever Ambassadors have been introduced, employers report greater motivation and retention amongst their workforce, as the value of their work is regularly reinforced through the Ambassador role. Ambassadors themselves often gain significant confidence and interpersonal skills through this added dimension to their work.

Inevitably, there are some costs for the employer as well as benefits. Ambassadors need to be supported in their role in order to be effective. But participating services regard the benefits as more than compensating for the costs they incur in supporting the Ambassador Service and it is proving to be a sustainable investment.