Investing in the workforce

If you work in, or want to work in social care, social work or children's services in the UK, then we are your SSC. SfC&D's aim is for you, the workforce, to be working at a world class level. In order to do this, you need to be equipped by your employers with the skills and knowledge to carry out your job excellently, and to be able to develop and progress in your career and be proud of it. We will know our work has been successful when the people providing these vital services are respected and trusted by the population for the work you do.

Developing a workforce that is skilled and qualified

We want to help you do your job the best you can. Referring to our codes of practice and national occupational standards (NOS) will help you to understand the minimum standards you should be working to, depending on your role. Please visit the Careers in care section of our website to find out more about standards and qualifications.

Professionalising the workforce: Regulation and registration

Social workers across the UK and social care workers (in Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland), are required to register with the care councils in their own country. This helps us to increase the protection of people who use social work and care services, to raise standards of practice and to increase public confidence in the sector. The Register also puts you as social care workers on a similar footing to other public service professions such as medicine and teaching. To find out more about how to register, please click on the following links:

Promoting best practice

As we strive for a world class workforce, it is important to recognise, share and promote best practice. This is done in many different ways. One of which is through our 'Accolade' award ceremonies which are held across the UK every year. SfC&D was the first SSC to hold award ceremonies of this nature across the UK. Since their inception, we have received over 1000 nominations and presented over 90 awards for excellent practice by carers and social workers. The Accolades are extremely well attended. We also run follow up initiatives, such as workshops where the winners coach and guide those who need to improve in ways that make a real difference at the front line.

Please click on the following links to find out about Accolade events in England, Wales and Scotland respectively.

How to get involved

visit the 'Have your say' section of this website to see what the current big issues are, and tell us what you think about them. Or, if you have a good idea and want to share it with us, please email