Influencing policy makers

More than 10 million people in the UK today can expect to see their 100th birthday and in 2066 there will be at least half a million people aged 100 or over. This is great news, but we are living longer with more complex needs such as dementia, sensory impairment and physical disability. By 2041 the number of people with sensory and/or physical impairments will rise to 3.23 million in England alone. Despite increases in the retirement age, in 10 years'time there will be more people who are retired than those who are in employment. For the benefit of the whole UK population, the sector must expand and rise to this demographic challenge, investing in services that achieve maximum value whilst maintaining the quality we all want to receive. This requires buy-in and commitment to greater investment in skills from those planning for the future.

Those driving policy change and development rely on the intelligence of sector experts, such as this, and information from those in touch with what employers are asking for. SfCD has developed close and effective networks with government and community leaders in each of the four nations, and at local levels. We provide the bridge between what is happening in services at grass roots level, and strategic planning.

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New research will show the economic value of adult social care

A new research project across the UK examining the economic impact of the adult social care sector to the economy and provide evidence to inform future policy and funding decisions.

Skills for Care and Development (SfCD) commissioned the work that will look at:

• the direct, indirect and induced economic value of the sector to the UK economy and the four constituent nations

• the impact of social care provision and a comparison of investment in the adult social care sector’s workforce with that in other related sectors.

SfCD, is a partnership of Skills for Care, the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC), Social Care Wales and the Northern Ireland Social Care Council (NISCC).

The SSSC and NISCC are managing the project on behalf of SfCD. SfCD is carrying out the project in collaboration with 10 stakeholders from across the UK. This includes representation from each of the four countries. A full list of the organisations taking part is below.

Why do the research?

There is a lack of information on the nature and size of the adult social care sector and its direct and indirect impact on the UK economy as a whole. In addition policy makers and funders at UK, national and local levels often don’t fully understand or appreciate the impact of adult social care on the economies of the four constituent nations. This lack of understanding can have an impact on policy and funding decisions.

The research project aims to improve that understanding by producing a UK wide overview, which also examines each of the four nations. The report will improve understanding of the sector by demonstrating its full contribution to the UK economy and support employers as they seek to influence policy makers and drive up much needed investment in all parts of the social service sector.

Report and consultants

SfCD will publish the report by June 2018, along with a Welsh translation.

ICF Consulting was commissioned to carry out the research in summer 2017. They have previously done similar work in England for Skills for Care.

Further information

If you have any questions or would like more information about the project please contact Mike Docherty, Workforce Intelligence Manager at SSSC who is managing the project:

Full list of organisations contributing to the research

Association for Real Change Northern Ireland

Association of Directors of Social Services Cymru

Care Forum Wales

Coalition of Care Providers Scotland

Independent Health Care Providers Northern Ireland

Local Government Association

National Care Forum

Northern Ireland Social Care Council

Scottish Care

Scottish Social Services Council

Skills for Care

Social Care Wales

Social Work Scotland

UK Home Care Association