The Children's Care, Learning and Development (CCLD) National Occupational Standards were reviewed in 2011/12 following extensive sector consultation. They describe the skills and knowledge required by those working in a variety of Early Years settings and in services for children and young people.


SCDCCLD0301Promote effective communication

SCDCCLD0401Maintain effective communication systems and practice

SCDCCLD0201 Support effective communication


CFAMLE3Obtain additional finance for the organisation

SCDLMCSE8 Manage finance for your area of responsibility

Education and Development

SCDCCLD0203Support the development of children and young people

SCDCCLD0303 Promote the development of children and young people

SCDCCLD0307 Promote the health and physical development of children

SCDCCLD0309 Implement frameworks for early education

SCDCCLD0310 Assess childrens progress according to relevant curriculum f/works

SCDLMCSB6Lead provision of care services that promotes development of children

SCDCCLD0316 Promote childrens early learning in the school environment

SCDCCLD0323 Use ICT to promote children's early learning

SCDCCLD0345Promote literacy, numeracy and language development

SCDCCLD0403Lead programmes for the promotion of children/yng peoples development

SCDCCLD0407Lead curriculum provision of early education for children

SCDCCLD0408Lead the physical, cognitive, emotional and social development

SCDCCLD0409Lead the support of childrens communication

Team working

SCDHSC0241Contribute to the effectiveness of teams

SCDCCLD0338Develop productive working relationships with others

SCDCCLD0423Lead multi-agency working arrangements in childcare settings

Health and Safety

SCDHSC0022Support the health and safety of yourself and individuals

SCDHSC0032Promote health, safety and security in the work setting

SCDHSC0042Lead practice for health and safety in the work setting

Childcare Practice

SCDCCLD0208 Support the care of babies and children

SCDCCLD0308 Promote childrens well-being and resilience

SCDCCLD0314 Promote the care of babies and children

SCDCCLD0320 Care for children at home

SCDCCLD327 Support children who have experienced trauma

SCDCCLD0336Promote childcare practice in group living

SCDHSC0336Promote positive behaviour

Professional Development

SCDHSC0023Develop your own knowledge and practice

SCDHSC0033Develop your practice through reflection and learning

SCDHSC0043Take responsibility for the continuing professional development of you

SCDCCLD0420Undertake a research project


SCDCCLD0247 Support the acquisition of a new language through immersion by child

SCDCCLD0334Deliver services to families from diverse communities

SCDCCLD0347Promote the acquisition of a new language by children

Children and Young People with Additional Support Needs

SCDCCLD0321 Promote care, L and D of children with additional requirements 

SCDCCLD0209 Support a child with additional support needs

SCDCCLD0339Promote the care, L and D of children with additional support needs

SCDCCLD0414Lead in the review of policies, procedures and practice for children

SCDCCLD0415Lead in advising and supporting practitioners in early years settings


SCDCCLD0313 Support early intervention for the benefit of children and families.

SCDCCLD0315 Promote ways to support families with literacy, numeracy or language

SCDCCLD0317 Engage with families so as to encourage involvement with L and D

SCDCCLD0322 Empower families through the development of parenting skills

SCDCCLD0330Maintain a service for children and families

SCDCCLD0331Support children and families within the community

SCDCCLD0332Support families to engage in groups within the childcare setting


SCDCCLD0205 Maintain environments to meet childrens needs

SCDCCLD0306 Plan and organise environments for children and families

SCDCCLD0312 Implement positive environments for babies and children

SCDCCLD0412Evaluate the environment for children and families


SCDCCLD0325Support children and young people through major transitions

SCDLMCSB3Manage provision of care services that deals with transitions


SCDCCLD0202 Support the safeguarding of children

SCDHSC0034Promote the safeguarding of children and young people

SCDHSC0044Lead practice that promotes the safeguarding of children and young people

Quality and Inspection

SCDCCLD0416Lead the assessment of quality assurance schemes

SCDCCLD0418Lead the revision of policies/procedures/practice for registration

SCDCCLD0422Lead the monitoring of procedures, policies and practice

CFAMLD6Allocate and monitor the progress and quality of work

SCDCCLD0433Prepare the childcare setting for regulatory inspections


SCDCCLD0206Support childrens learning through play

SKAPW34Work with children and young people to create play spaces

SKAPW9Plan and support self-directed play


SCDCCLD0319 Promote healthy living for children and families

SCDCCLD0324 Support the use of medication for children

Leadership and Management 

SCDCCLD0328 Manage a small-scale childcare business

SCDCCLD0329 Work with a management committee

SCDCCLD0333Promote the recruitment of staff in childcare settings

SCDCCLD0340Promote quality systems and procedures for the delivery of childcare

SCDCPC309Support individuals and communities to commission their own services

SCDCCLD0405Lead provision for babies and children in partnership with parents

CFAMLB1Develop and implement operational plans for your area of responsibility

SCDCCLD0417Lead service providers in accessing information..

SCDCCLD0421Provide information about children and families services

CFAMLB6Provide leadership in your area of responsibility.

CFAMLC2Encourage innovation in your area of responsibility

SCDCCLD0431Provide leadership and management of integrated childcare provision